About Drew Gerald & Remarkable Lover

Chances are you’re reading this right now because you want to master your sex life. Whether it’s taking your performance and abilities to the next level, getting a deeper understanding of your sexuality and your lover’s, or you’re seeking to heal from the guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, and conditionings of your life. You’re probably not new to the journey, and have been attracted to relationship, dating, sex, and personal development for years. You’ve been around the block; you’re beyond learning about the importance of hygiene and safe sex; you crave something more substantial than a trite magazine column by a social media intern, yet something not as sleazy as pickup artist advice.

Who’s the man behind the advice? Well if you haven’t seen my happy face around the site yet, you’re about to find out.

My name is Drew Gerald, and I’m here to help you do just that – become a remarkable lover. I’m not some internet marketer who’s trying to tailcoat on the latest trend, nor am I a newbie that just got out of some tantra or PUA meetup – this is my life. I’ve spent the past 8 years going from lonely, confused, bitter, lost, hurt, suicidal, and desperate to just have friends – to traveling the world, dating and making love to some of the most incredible women in the world including: jet-setting foreigners, SoCal cheerleaders, San Francisco hippies, girl-next-door baristas, Czech models, tantric goddesses, college professors, bisexual kinksters, and musical vixens.

This didn’t happen over night – I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours (literally) learning, buying and reading books, researching data, experimenting in the real world, trial and error, attending seminars, diving into alternative therapy, and forcing myself to push past the pain and do whatever it takes to become the man I wanted to be. From seduction to spirituality, therapy to taboo, dirty talk to destroying dogma – I’ve aggregated and distilled the best theories, methods, systems, and philosophies from all areas of like into central approach to sexuality I call “Holistic Sex”.

I beckon forth the greatness within you to become the lover you’re destined to be, to have the most incredible passionate, loving, sultry, profound sex life you deserve.

If you’d like to dive deeper into how I think, take a look at my Philosophy page.