A Different Take On Intimacy – LIVE

Drew Gerald Sexual Understanding Link

This is a replay of a recent live broadcast I did explaining what is required to have intimacy, and what intimacy really is.

We’re not really taught what that is and how to find it. We’re sold that it’s what happens between the sheets in a romantic relationship. It’s much more than physical, and beyond just romantic.

Learning the specific requirements to cultivate it are simple. But as simple as they are, they can be terrifying.

Facing rejection, judgment, and abandonment.

But this is deep healing work, not just some tactic.

The invitation is to go into it and surrender. To let ourselves be annihilated by fear, and be loved on the other side of it. It’s often not the pain we are avoiding, but the unconditional love that invalidates our stories of unworthiness and shame.

If you are interested in exploring this topic at a higher level, my upcoming Fractal Relation workshops will help.