A Different Take On Intimacy – LIVE

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This is a replay of a recent live broadcast I did explaining what is required to have intimacy, and what intimacy really is.

We’re not really taught what that is and how to find it. We’re sold that it’s what happens between the sheets in a romantic relationship. It’s much more than physical, and beyond just romantic.

Learning the specific requirements to cultivate it are simple. But as simple as they are, they can be terrifying.

Facing rejection, judgment, and abandonment.

But this is deep healing work, not just some tactic.

The invitation is to go into it and surrender. To let ourselves be annihilated by fear, and be loved on the other side of it. It’s often not the pain we are avoiding, but the unconditional love that invalidates our stories of unworthiness and shame.

If you are interested in exploring this topic at a higher level, my upcoming Fractal Relation workshops will help.

A Key To Sexual Fulfillment & Empowerment

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As a remarkable lover, you are not responsible for how your partner feels. You are, however, responsible for showing up in a way that engenders it. That is only what is in your control, and where your focus should lie.

How do you know where the healing is needed? Look for the pattern. If nobody feels comfortable around you, then it’s probably something you can shift. If your partner never feels safe around anyone, it’s probably something they need to shift.

The most trusting, loving woman will never feel safe around a man who is abusive, violent, and disrespectful. And the most insecure, masochistic, and paranoid woman will never feel safe around the most kind and gentle man.

Character trumps tactic.

I can go to places sexually and spiritually with women in ways most men never get to see, because I see women in ways most men don’t.

I get miraculous results with my clients because I show up in a way that other coaches don’t, and my clients are willing to look at things most people aren’t.

Technique is essential, but the least essential. Your character will shadow over any ‘skills’ you have, and may make or break their effectiveness.

I’ll be honest…

This post really has nothing to do with sex.

It is about understanding that who you are and how you move through the world acts as a catalyst—a door, a permission slip—for people to show up for themselves in a profound way.

And if you can facilitate that because of who you are, you will naturally be fulfilled yourself. But if you have an agenda or are pretending to be a certain quality to get something… not gonna happen.

This requires healing and becoming honest about your intentions and needs.

Become a clearer channel of remarkable character, create a space that fosters remarkable behavior, and create an invitation to remarkable generosity—and all the sexual and financial fulfillment you could desire is available to you.

It’s Not The World, It’s You

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Our media and culture has been hijacked. It views men as predators, rapists, pigs, wimps or jerks, clueless, sex-fiends, and void of compassion. It views women as victims, sluts, objects, bitches, sexually-uninterested, and weak. It takes the actions of a handful of people and generalizes out to stereotype billions.

…and then advertisements sell us the opposite image.

Good men and women are becoming paralyzed to express their heart’s desire out of fear of being seen these ways. Masculine men are seen as outdated and dangerous. Feminine women are seen as outdated and weak. They are told to be ashamed for who they are: fat, skinny, white, black, too sexual, too prude, straight, gay, too passive, too aggressive, dominate, submissive, old fashioned, liberal… ad nauseam.

You can’t win – and it’s designed that way.

The media sensationalizes. It thrives off of dramatic emotional conflicts, focuses on placing blame and fault, encourages complaining, and manufactures confusion. It keeps people in a state of stress, fear, and distrust.

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The Purpose Of Improving Sexual Performance

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If you’re reading this now, you’ve seen some form of “Top 10 Sex Tips to Drive Your Lover Wild” list countless times. You know the ones. You’ve probably laughed at some, went “ohh, sexy” at a few, and others made your eyes roll. Regardless of how good they were, you ultimately read them because you want to be better in bed. You’re looking for ways to become more confident in your sexual prowess, to learn and try something new, but most importantly—satisfy your lover.

You wouldn’t care about performing better in bed if you were selfish—if you were just looking out for your own pleasure. You genuinely want your partner to be satisfied: to feel amazing, orgasm more (or at all), and appreciate your abilities to make them feel things they’ve never felt before.

The problem is most of these lists don’t teach anything substantial. They’re just lists with tricks and tips. After a few nights of implementation, their novelty wears out.

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Why Sexual Understanding Is Important

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There’s a best-selling book published on what men know about women. It’s hundreds of pages long. But here’s the punchline: every page is blank. Whether or not it’s funny doesn’t matter nearly as much as the glaring problem it illustrates. It’s a conundrum that goes back millennia, unanswered by the greatest philosophers: most people have a difficulty understanding the opposite sex.

I was one of them. For the first two-thirds of my life, I myself was even more clueless than the average person. I barely knew much about myself and men, let alone… girls. I was confused, frustrated, and baffled—yet enamored by—the feminine creature.

My lack of success, skill, and happiness drove me to a dark place where loneliness, desperation, and deep sadness abide. A place where, unfortunately, many men and women stay for most of their lives. We didn’t know what we didn’t know; a lot of information and revelations have been made and documented for those willing to seek guidance, yet we remain woefully ignorant.

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The Value Of Sexual Healing

Drew Gerald Sexual Healing Link

When it comes to having an incredible sex life and reaping the perks of being a remarkable lover, things like orgasms, ecstatic pleasure, dirty talk, profound love and connection, fantasy-fulfillment, the psychology of arousal, the art of seduction, etc. tend to get all the glory. The acquisition of new sexual secrets and ancient techniques dazzle us with pleasure and tease us with potential fulfillment.

Conversations around health and the healing of traumas, declaring a call-to-arms on facing our demons, and getting messy with feelings… doesn’t sound nearly as glamourous, does it?

The truth no guru wants to tell (sell) you, and this comes from personal and professional experience of nearly a decade, is that sexual healing is by far the most critical area to focus on if you want to have any substantial success. Not rock-hard erections, not the world’s best blowjob, not ancient tantric secrets—but healing.

Imagine not having to “just accept” that you’re shy and insecure, but to actually become confident and open as a person. Imagine not having to “deal” with your fears and “issues” everyday, but rather to address them once and never live with them again. Imagine not forcing yourself to do things you don’t like in bed that you’d like to like, but instead being able to discover the block and let it go, allowing your natural enjoyment to surface.

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