The Purpose Of Improving Sexual Performance

Drew Gerald Sexual Performance Link

If you’re reading this now, you’ve seen some form of “Top 10 Sex Tips to Drive Your Lover Wild” list countless times. You know the ones. You’ve probably laughed at some, went “ohh, sexy” at a few, and others made your eyes roll. Regardless of how good they were, you ultimately read them because you want to be better in bed. You’re looking for ways to become more confident in your sexual prowess, to learn and try something new, but most importantly—satisfy your lover.

You wouldn’t care about performing better in bed if you were selfish—if you were just looking out for your own pleasure. You genuinely want your partner to be satisfied: to feel amazing, orgasm more (or at all), and appreciate your abilities to make them feel things they’ve never felt before.

The problem is most of these lists don’t teach anything substantial. They’re just lists with tricks and tips. After a few nights of implementation, their novelty wears out.

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