Why Sexual Understanding Is Important

Drew Gerald Sexual Understanding Link

There’s a best-selling book published on what men know about women. It’s hundreds of pages long. But here’s the punchline: every page is blank. Whether or not it’s funny doesn’t matter nearly as much as the glaring problem it illustrates. It’s a conundrum that goes back millennia, unanswered by the greatest philosophers: most people have a difficulty understanding the opposite sex.

I was one of them. For the first two-thirds of my life, I myself was even more clueless than the average person. I barely knew much about myself and men, let alone… girls. I was confused, frustrated, and baffled—yet enamored by—the feminine creature.

My lack of success, skill, and happiness drove me to a dark place where loneliness, desperation, and deep sadness abide. A place where, unfortunately, many men and women stay for most of their lives. We didn’t know what we didn’t know; a lot of information and revelations have been made and documented for those willing to seek guidance, yet we remain woefully ignorant.

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