While I do my best to communicate my intentions, often times it’s impossible to explicitly state where I’m coming from in every post. Here’s a list of some general mindsets that are behind my teachings and advice so you have a foundation coming into my world:


  • I assume a base level of sexual knowledge; anybody reading this is already practicing informed, healthy, mature, safe, sex
  • Unless stated otherwise, it is also implied that lovers and readers referred to in any article have: maturity, high self-esteem, consent, respect, authenticity, safety, and love
  • Readers have a level of discernment and moral congruency, and are willing to take what works for them and leave what doesn’t
  • I respect all configurations and orientations, and most of what I share can be applied everyone (if it’s true, it should be universal) – however I generally speak to straight sexually masculine men and feminine women


  • I teach concepts of Holistic Sex which are empowering, positive, ecological, inclusive, authentic, loving, non-dogmatic, and explicit
  • Satisfying sex involves the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects
  • Sex is good, pleasure is good, “dirty” is good
  • I know we are all connected, that there is ultimately a oneness – but when it comes to sexual attraction, polarity (the masculine & feminine) is at the core
  • I seek to use the masculine and feminine as profound archetypes, rather than superficial cultural stereotypes
  • Consent is absolutely necessary, however it is not about asking for permission – it is respect for another’s sovereignty and desire through an alignment with abundance
  • Mature, loving, high self-esteem adults are fully capable of calibrating and communicating desire and consent through body language, implication, relationship rapport and history, and from experience – explicit verbal permission or request isn’t required
  • Obtaining sexual mastery depends on the Triad of Transformation – performance, understanding, and healing – all are equally necessary


  • All people have a right to healthy, consensual sexual expression without interference
  • You should be able to love whoever you want
  • I advocate rights for all people, not just women or gays – everybody is a human being
  • You are whole and complete already without me; everything I teach is to help you remember and rediscover that – your potential is who you really are
  • I believe in aligning with what you do want, rather than fighting against what you don’t
  • Empowerment is at the core of everything I teach
  • I believe in you and your unlimitedness
  • It’s okay to make mistakes; do not live in fear of messing up or politically correctness
  • We have been conditioned throughout our life, and often have beliefs, emotions, and strategies that no longer serve us – these can be changed


  • Simply a oneness and consciousness based in love beyond the physical and logical (if this turns you off, replace “spirituality” with “profound love” and you’ll be fine)
  • Spirituality and religion are very different, and aren’t mutually inclusive; and science and spirit aren’t mutually exclusive
  • Separating our sexuality with our spirituality (or simply, our heart) has lead to great conflict; seek a balance and merging of the “dirty and the divine”
  • No superior gods or goddesses to worship, but useful energies and archetypes to tap into and play with


  • I am a caucasian, western, heterosexual male, with a developed balanced energy; sexually masculine and attracted to feminine women
  • I’m an advocate of holistic, natural healing, and will never suggest or be sponsored by pharmaceuticals to enhance your sexual performance
  • While everyone has the innate potential to become a remarkable lover, it is simply a fact only few will heed the call and undertake the journey of mastery – I’m here to help anybody, at any level, who has that desire
  • I’m a bit disruptive; I am not politically correct and care more of my clients success that appeasing the culture’s or media’s fragile expectations
  • I’m not here to force these ideas dogmatically upon anyone; simply to share what’s true for me and has helped thousands of other people
  • I teach nothing that is original; for what I share is truth, and truth cannot be created – only recognized; my work is therefore not in teaching, but in the expression of awareness