“It is my opinion I’m watching a future best-selling author and spiritual teacher. My [generation] follows people like Chopra, Dyer, Ruiz, and Tolle. Yours may very well follow [people] like Gerald. He appears not just motivated or inspired, but driven to define himself fully on Earth.”
–Don Woodruff, Author of The Kangaroo Method

“Mind blown. It literally may have saved me. The best thing I possibly could have woken up to and read this morning. It’s definitely made my day and already set me up in a more positive mind set than I can possibly ever thank you for. So I thank you dearly. You’re among one of the only people whose words I can truly appreciate. So yes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
–Chris Lozanovski

“I just spent the day with Drew Gerald and he changed my life completely. I was working with him, and he helped me clear so much shit. I had no idea there was things from my childhood affecting me. I would pay thousands of dollars just to be with him in his company. [Freedom] I experience that and I feel amazing. This is the beginning and I already feel the difference.”
–Mišelka Kyjonkova

“Drew’s been fucking awesome, he’s helped me a ton. […] I came across Drew’s blog actually, and some of his interviews, and they really started to shed a light on it [women]. He really helped me integrate these things into my life. […] He actually took me out to South Coast Plaza, demonstrating, showing me, and making me become aware on the spot. It’s been really nuts, and the change has been incredibly noticeable for me, and I would 1000% highly recommend him. Just take action. […] It’s been huge, and I definitely suggest you reach out and see if there’s a fit for you there, because you owe it to yourself, because I know I’m really glad I did.
–John Crestani

“In the midst of selling my startup company, I had doubts of its (and my own) value and was faced against my own shadow. After just one of our powerful sessions, Drew miraculously tripled the value of my business and literally made me $200,000 from that hour. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you in my life, Drew! Whatever investment it takes to work with you, is beyond worth it.”
–Nicola G.

“I was surprised to see someone so young know all of this. I am much older and my partner is even older. You are doing fantastic and have a great life perspective!”
–Julie Kennedy

Product Reviews

[Holistic Sex] “Drew has a very grounded and holistical view of sex and pleasure. Anyone, no matter how experienced, can find something very valuable in this course. Totally worth it.”
–Iulian Novac

[Holistic Sex] “Drew’s program, ‘Holistic Sex’, is the most extensive guide I’ve seen to improving your sex life.

Normally, I’d say stay away from programs about sex because they usually talk about new techniques or some other superficial way to your my sex life “mind blowing” …when it’s just a simple idea you can find online.

But what enticed me about his program was that it covers the most important aspects about sex that aren’t normally talked about: expressing your sexuality in different ways, eliminating sexual shame, and making sex a positive experience. Other materials, as far as I’ve seen, fail to create such an holistic approach as Drew does.

With over 11 hours of audio and worksheets included, I haven’t found a topic that isn’t touched on in this program. This program reminds me of one of Tony Robbin’s extensive programs …but with a way more fun subject ;)

That being said, if you want to explore your own sexuality in a healthy and deep way (without shame or dogma), I highly recommend getting this course.”
–Max Nachamkin

[Holistic Sex] “I freaking love it, it’s amazing! It has everything in it; you didn’t miss a thing.”
–Sandra Fidelis
[Holistic Sex] “A fantastic course.”
–Duane De Cal